"Thinking out of the box"
is simply not enough.

Making a mark!

Our aim at Henner & Partner is to develop and deliver the marketing and communication strategy to your business for a sustainable success. Our credo is that a strategy can only be as successful as the people behind believe in it. We therefore thrive to create solutions not only for your customers, but also your entire company.

Marketing is more than just planning your advertising.

It is letting your customers know about the passion that lives within your company.

To achieve this, we want to be your partner rather than your supplier. Because you know your product better than we most likely ever will. Therefore we need your collaboration to develop your success!

we are

a honest marketing and communication agency with passion for what we do.

a strategic partner pushing brands to the next level, ensuring they will stay there.

aiming for sustainable success of our clients rather than hunting marketing awards.

we are not

an agency trying to impress our clients by using fancy marketing buzzwords.

jumping on every trend just because some others say so, but rather focus on your best result.

just another supplier, nodding to take the cash out of your pocket.

we want

to bring life into your brand by creating the universe around it

to make sure, your assets are at the right time in the right place addressing the right people.

to create the excitement your customers get to feel, when interacting with your brand.

did we raise your interest?

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